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Bronwyn Boltwood ([personal profile] arndis) wrote2010-04-09 05:28 pm

Dreamwidth account

I now have a Dreamwidth account, which is also called arndis, and lives at I don't know anybody's Dreamwidth ids, so people who have them can friend me there?

I got the account because I was bored with my theme and wanted a new one, but most of the themes I actually like require money or invasion of privacy, and I thought to myself, "I don't like ads; didn't Ian post DW invites?"

I love that it can auto-import from LJ. The auto-crossposting to LJ was required, but I am delighted by there being automagical importing. Um...can it magically fetch new comments over too, or do I have to tell people where to reply? And do they need their own accounts for that?

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