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I now have a Dreamwidth account, which is also called arndis, and lives at I don't know anybody's Dreamwidth ids, so people who have them can friend me there?

I got the account because I was bored with my theme and wanted a new one, but most of the themes I actually like require money or invasion of privacy, and I thought to myself, "I don't like ads; didn't Ian post DW invites?"

I love that it can auto-import from LJ. The auto-crossposting to LJ was required, but I am delighted by there being automagical importing. Um...can it magically fetch new comments over too, or do I have to tell people where to reply? And do they need their own accounts for that?

Date: 2010-04-09 11:56 pm (UTC)From: [personal profile] foxfirefey
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Hi! I am free-roaming DW Support; I use a blog search engine to see if people have problems or questions about Dreamwidth.

So, you can reimport from LJ and it will magically fetch new comments (and entries you did not cross post). You can also put up a crosspost footer for crossposted entries telling people where the DW version of the post is. (The opposite, metadata on a DW post saying where the other versions are, is on the way.)

Now, other people *can* get Dreamwidth accounts to reply. They can also sign in with their LJ using OpenID; here's a tutorial. When importing, the importer will automatically give the appropriate access levels to all OpenID accounts for your LJ friends list (including filter groups). Like on LJ, your comment settings are your own, and you can allow anonymous comments, too. And there is probably going to be a Google Summer of Code project that adds a "named guest" commenting mode where someone can just fill in their info and not log in--fakeable, but will work for most cases for people.


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