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I think it's time for a new vacuum. You see, I finally broke down and cleaned the office instead of doing homework, because it was too messy for me to stand being in the room to DO the homework. The floor is clear and my computer desk's top is clean, although the drafting table is still covered with stuff. Jason's computer is ready to be put back in his desk once he decides whether he wants to keep the old drive operational inside or in the closet. All good.

However, it took three vacuum decloggings to vacuum one 10x10' room, AFTER I removed about a quarter of the mat of hair and random paper scraps with a broom. This made me think, "this is the same problem we always have with our vacuums, just sped up." So now I know empirically that the reason we hate to vacuum is that all of our vacuums have clogged easily. Jason and I both shed a lot of long hair, which together with the dust and random junk turns into giant dust bunnies IN the vacuum tubes. We've never had a vacuum that claimed to be good with pet hair, but the conditions in our apartment involve long tangled masses of hair, lots of road grit, random snippets of foamcore, paper, bamboo skewers etc as well as random dust. So I think I know where our tax return should be going, once we file and get it.

Anybody know a good vacuum for these conditions? Or a store to consult? We have a mix of hard floors and low carpets. Dyson has a mini-canister coming out soon too, which interests me because I hate uprights.

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shop-vacs are effective and cheap, but they're REALLY noisy.


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