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So, I have a portfolio piece which is a little tricky.  Some of you have probably seen it -- the group project from this spring where we were designing the new building for our program. I had the library. The trouble is, that the rest of the group's work really sucked.  The rendering was bad, the planning was bad, and every page not under my direct control had a spelling mistake. Some had more. Lots more. They misspelled my name on the front cover, for example. And put what the teachers had told us at least 3 times was the wrong title.

So I'm trying to figure out: how can I show my work, while still having the project make sense, and without bashing my teammates, even though they deserve it?  So far ideas are:

  • print a copy that only contains my part of the project
  • print the entire project but only show my work until requested otherwise
  • show the entire thing but explain which parts are mine, in the hope that they will see how much better my work is than the others on the team. The hazard is, what if they don't remember which parts are which, and think that *I* would have submitted a drawing so bad that the walls wobbled?
  • fix minor errors (e.g. spelling, formatting) in the rest of the book.

The only way to be proud of the project as a whole would be to redo it ALL myself, but I don't have the time and energy for that.

What should I do?
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