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Lovely people, I have need of you.  I am researching how to design government office space that doesn't suck. Our school project for the Ministry of Technology has a floor full of programming teams, and a floor full of executives. Would those of you who work in offices, especially in IT or government or hopefully both, help me out with these questions?  Comment, send a message or an email.
  1. What kind of work do you do, and in what kind of organization?  (Kind of work: e.g. is it thinking/concentration work, meeting-heavy, or interruption-based, like reception?)
  2. What is your office in general like, in terms of its design, furniture, and environment?
  3. What is your personal workspace like, in terms of its design, furniture, and environment? Which of your furnishings and equipment do you use, or not use? Are there ones you need and don't have?
  4. What do you like and dislike about the space? (both personal and common)
  5. What would make the programmers' floor in my Ministry of Technology project look unstodgy? Like a cool and pleasant place to work?
  6. What would make the executives' floor in my Ministry of Technology project look impressive while keeping theme with the programmers' floor below?  I would like to keep the programmers from gagging on the smell of money and pomposity, but it still has to impress VIP visitors.

Date: 2009-01-15 02:52 am (UTC)From: [identity profile]
1. intteruption based. thinking heavy. Information on demand.
2. grey, poorly laid out, and likely with poor air quality, it's all pre-fab and fabric, it's hard to traverse (maze), it isn't big enough for the number of people in it. it's dirty because the building materials are hard to clean. There's extra furniture and filing cabinets in the too narrow hallways making it a little hazardly.
3. grey, poorly laid out, too hot, too bright, not enough counter space where I need it, too much where I don't, not enough storage space where I need it, too much where I don't
I have a desktop, printer, scanner, phone. I use it all, I need no more. it'd be nice if my printer printed in colour and duplex.
4 did I mention it was grey? The lunch room is insufficient, not enough nukes or fridges or tables.
My personal office is a little too narrow and too deep. I'd like some sort of cable management system so that I could put my peripherals where I wanted them without causing drama. Build up! there's too much surface space that I can't reach, so all my "need" stuff is crammed into a tiny little desk space. If I could have a shelving unit to my right and drawers screwed under my desk where they think the keyboard should go,
Um - I have to think of something?
5. Take the fabric walls down. You should still give them separate cubes, but upholstered walls are a bad idea. I don't know how you'd handle echo...
Get rid of clutter! File rooms instead of cabinets and shelves in the hallways.
High-tech mtg rooms, sleek kitchen, well organized copyroom/business centre.
Make all the workers face the doors and have groups of cubes set up so that the doors face each other and facilitate talking between team members.
Make the cubicle walls at least 7ft tall (most are around 6 now, but the ceilings are probably 8ish).
no overhead lighting, except emergency lights. Use other lighting sources in the cubes themselves.
Have lockers in the cubes for coats and boots and other personal effects.
6. chrome and leather aren't pompous, but they are still impressive. Best thing for the exec area - flow of the cubicles. it takes away from something when the layout of the admins' cubes are untidy. Nice doors -no long hallways, I'd say, come in a door, see a reception area with a reception desk and someone to man it. Then directly off from that room, all the enclosed offices of the execs. Have a back entrance to each exec's office that leads to the admin area, where their ass'ts have their cubes and the necessary "office" crap.
Thanks! This was fun :)

Date: 2009-01-15 12:18 pm (UTC)From: [identity profile]
1. I work for a software company. I do technical training. Some of it is pure presentation. The prep work is thinking/concentration type work.

2. We have a cubicle farm, with offices with doors for the important people.

3. I have ye-standard-cubicle, with an extra bookshelf. I do have a pretty decent chair.

4. I'd love to have a door. And walls, too. But a door would rock.

5. No idea.

6. No clue.


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