Oct. 19th, 2008

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Okay, I'm going to be putting in an order to the natural soap and skincare ingredients place at http://www.handmadesoap.ca/.  Some items would be more economical to buy in bulk and split.  Does anybody else want to add something to my order, and when you pay me back we'll split the shipping charge?  The store is in Ontario and the maximum shipping is $12 for up to 40lb of stuff. My order was already at $10 for shipping, and there's at least 10lb worth of space left.

I'm getting
  • 1lb Natramulse (emulsifying wax) (could be split)
  • 1-2lb pure pressed golden cocoa butter ($10/lb in 1lb lumps, but $9/lb in the 5lb size)
  • 1-2lb Ghana ivory unrefined shea butter ($11/lb in 1lb lumps, but $10/lb in the 5lb size)
  • 1oz Optiphen (preservative)
  • 4oz sodium lactate (humectant)
  • 50ml  each of these essential oils: 10x folded orange, european lavender, patchouli, and maybe balsam peru (could be split)
Please let me know within a week if you are interested.  I'm looking at you, Allison.  The cocoa and shea butters are great for your skin as they are or mixed into other things; the emulsifying wax is for making lotions and creams that mix oil and water.


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